David Gerstein

Considered a painter who expanded the boundaries of painting from the flat dimension (D2) to the three-dimensional (D3).
In the 1970s, he engaged in figurative painting from his private mythology (childhood, paintings of twins) and Israeli existence (Tel Aviv balconies, the Dead Sea). At the beginning of the 1980s, Gerstein moved to Petah Tikva.
He made multi-layered painting and sculpture mainly on wood cutouts in blatant colors, and as a result monumental sculptures were also created in the public space. In the mid-nineties, Gerstein began to produce sculptures in laser cut in limited series, that were enthusiastically received in the art world and were published in Israel and abroad.
In recent years, the artist returns to painting, while bringing with him the experience he gained in multi-layered sculpture, a painting that combines the figurative with the abstract and is enriched with fascinating textures and shapes.
Gerstein’s work is unique in its outstanding style in movement and intense color and can be distinguished immediately. The multi-layered metal works have an influence of pop style as well as graffiti art and naive art from many types.
His work is spread over a range of emotions that originate from an inward look at personal experiences and an ironic look at the urban environment (cyclists, pedestrians in urban density) and a return to nature (on the flora and fauna around us – birds, butterflies and gardens).
Over the years, his sculptures have been erected in Israel and around the world, with the most prominent of them being “The Spirit of Freedom” on the campus of Tel Aviv University, “Momentum” in the business center in Singapore and “Pluton” in the athletics stadium in Hsinchu in Taiwan (for which he won the first prize for urban sculpture).
In his quest to reach a wider audience, he created small and printed table and wall sculptures, and they are common and displayed in Israel and around the world in selected museum and design stores.
Studies: Bezalel, the Art Academy (Bozar) in Paris, “Arts Students League” in New York and a master’s degree at Saint Martin’s in London. Taught as a senior lecturer at Bezalel for 15 years.
He had solo exhibitions in museums (Israel Museum, Haifa, Herzliya, Brasilia, contemporary art in Beijing) and dozens of solo exhibitions in galleries around the world.
  • Coexistence

    120x120 cm

    David Gerstein 42,510.00
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  • Racing

    180x110 cm

    David Gerstein 35,936.00
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  • Marathon – Berlin

    180x143 cm

    David Gerstein 42,505.00
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  • Disco – Small

    90x60x12 cm

    David Gerstein 25,520.00
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  • 5th Ave – P

    70X70 cm

    David Gerstein 22,387.00
  • hippodrome

    180X60 cm

    David Gerstein 34,818.00
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    76X56 cm

    David Gerstein
  • Jazz and the city – Piano

    97X95X14 cm

    David Gerstein 23,750.00
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    76x56 cm

    David Gerstein 5,750.00
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    56X76 cm

    David Gerstein

    50x45X14 cm

    David Gerstein 10,150.00
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  • 5th Avenue L

    70*77*14 cm

    David Gerstein
  • Mikonos

    220x105 cm

    David Gerstein 38,150.00
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  • Single pair (1)

    38*28 cm

    David Gerstein 3,550.00
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  • A woman dreams

    100*160 cm

    David Gerstein 51,150.00
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  • Beetle

    150*56 cm

    David Gerstein 24,150.00
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  • Fiat in Mersey

    160*120 cm

    David Gerstein 51,150.00
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  • Rothschild Avenue A – 2019


    David Gerstein 35,150.00
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  • Flags

    180*130 cm

    David Gerstein 70,650.00
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  • Traveling in Tel Aviv

    160*120 cm

    David Gerstein 51,350.00
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  • Leah on the balcony

    130*190 cm

    David Gerstein 79,150.00
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  • lipstick

    80*72 cm

    David Gerstein 18,150.00
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  • tlv on wheels

    93*180 cm

    David Gerstein 38,150.00
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