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"Pixel art" exhibition "Time Out"

Time Out pixel art


של לאישה

"Musaf shishi" Gallery - exhibitions

שישי גלריה תערוכות

Gallery "Haaretz" Thursday 19.1.2023

הארץ חמישי 19.1.2023

"Zman mevaseret" print

Magazine "Israeli medical association" - Print and digital


Recommended exhibitions "Haaretz"

This weekend’s recommended exhibitions: 19.1 – 21.1

המומלצות של סוף השבוע

The exhibition guide "Erev rav"

The exhibition guide |Update on opening exhibitions and events

תערוכות עדכון תערוכות נפתחות ואירועים

Recommended exhibitions "Time Out" Tel-Aviv

Let’s go for it: 15 worthy exhibitions of the week before we protest

נעוף על זה התערוכות השוות של השבוע לפני שמפגינים

"SAF" architecture, design and construction

Intimacy – a group exhibition of photography and new media

תערוכה קבוצתית של צילום וניו מדיה

"Archijob" - The Israeli portal for architecture, design and planning

A group exhibition of photography and new media in The Space Art Gallery || Events

קבוצתית של צילום וניו מדיה בגלריית החלל ארועים

Magazine "Portfolio"



Intimacy / Group exhibition / The Space Art Gallery A home for Israeli artists

תערוכה קבוצתית גלריה החלל בית לאמנים ישראלים

Vered Gadash radio interview on radio HIT 106

Play Video

Fascinating interview for "Radio Can 11" in English

Play Video

"Time Out" - Exhibition in the gallery "As material in the hand of a creator"

Art between meals: 8 exhibitions worth seeing on the weekend

בין הארוחות

"Time Out" Exhibition "Spotlight on Abstract Art"

Looking ahead: 12 new exhibitions that will upgrade your weekend

A spotlight on abstract

Exhibition "As material in the hand of a creator"

Exhibition "Spotlight on Abstract Art"

Exhibition "Intimacy"

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