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The website belongs to the owners of the business and the brand “The Space – Home of Israeli art”
The use of the website is subject to the terms of use, as detailed below in the website’s terms and the policy conditions appendix (hereinafter: “the terms”).
The website’s terms of use sometimes are written in masculine, but this is for convenience only and in every use, all that is written in masculine is also intended as feminine.
Any use of the site constitutes consent to its terms and them being a basis for any legal litigation between the “Space” and the user and therefore indicates that the user has read the full terms detailed below in the terms. “The Space” shall be entitled, at its discretion and at any time, to make any changes to the site, including but not limited to , the types of products sold within it and their prices, without giving any advance notice to this effect.

The products will be delivered to the customer in up to 14 business days.

The site regulations were last updated on July 5, 2021; hence its latest version, as published below, is the determining version for all intents and purposes.
The website is provided as it is (“AS IS”), and hence the user will not have any claim and/or claim and/or demand and/or other regarding its characteristics and/or features and/or interfaces/or limitations.
The use of the website to make purchases will be made by the “user,” as defined below in the website terms, and subject to the user filling in all the necessary identifying details listed.

“User” – an adult over 18 qualified to perform mandatory legal actions under the Legal Competency and Guardianship Law, 5772 1962, who is the owner of a debit card by the provisions of the Debit Card Law, 5776 1986. It will be clarified that the use of the site is prohibited to those who do not meet this definition.

The use of the website to make a purchase is personal by the user and will be done by the user while providing the identifying details detailed below:
* Full name (first name and family name)
* Full address (street, house number, apartment number, floor)
* E-mail address
* Phone number / mobile phone
* Credit card details (debit card) (including identification number and card validity)
* Username and password on the website

The user’s use of the website is solely to carry out responsible and legal actions only, under the laws of the State of Israel, and that no claim and/or claim and/or demand and/or other will be heard on the part of the user regarding “The Space” activity to block any infringing and/or prohibited activity concerning and/or related to, among other things, a violation of an intellectual property right and/or a violation of privacy and/or a violation of public sentiments and/or a breach of public order and/or libel and/or other.

The user’s use of the website, including his details, as specified and necessary for making a purchase above, is solely for the internal use of “The Space” in connection with the user’s actual purchase on the website, and hence “The Space” will refrain from any act of handing over the user’s information to an external party not in connection with the purchase and except for the information necessary to generate statistical data and/or information required for the fulfillment of the conditions detailed in the site terms and/or information necessary for delivery according to any law.

Notwithstanding the preceding in section 10 above, “The Space” shall be entitled to use the details provided by the user to contact the user and/or update the user regarding products and/or promotions and/or others concerning and/or related to “The Space” and this subject to obtain permission for the user space to receive advertising mail or newsletters, “The Space” hereby undertakes to act, to the best of its ability, to maintain the internal use of the user’s information in connection with the actual purchase operation on the website.
The user is responsible for the accuracy of the details he will provide to purchase on the site, including and emphasizing the details necessary above. The Space will not bear any responsibility for incorrect information resulting from the user’s wrong action or omission.

The website is for private personal use only, and hence any other commercial use, in any form, without written permission on behalf of “The Space” is strictly prohibited.

Cancellation of transactions will be approved only in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 1981. For the sake of clarity, it will be clarified that from the moment the order is sent to the user, “The Space” cannot control everything involved in canceling the order according to the consumer’s will, and the responsibility for canceling it legally rests with the user and he must act in accordance with the instructions of the Consumer Protection Law.

Photography work: the customer will place an order with the gallery. After the customer has made the payment to “The Space” and after confirming the order details in the form (hereinafter “order form”). There are no returns/cancellations after placing the order. And The Space undertakes to deliver within 14 working days and no later than one month from the date of placing the order.

Intellectual Property:

The site and the brand “The Space” is its exclusive property and it owns the copyrights, trademarks, and all intellectual property rights of the products sold on the site as well as of the site. Any copying, distribution, transmission, publication, transfer, creation of a derivative work, link, exploitation, or violation of the intellectual property rights of the Space in any way, in whole or in part, without obtaining prior written permission from the Space Gallery is strictly prohibited. Any violation of what is stated in this section may result in violating intellectual property rights in a way that may subject the violator to criminal or civil penalties or fines.

The intellectual property on this website, including the copyrights, and the trademarks displayed on it, are protected information owned and/or subject to The Space’s right to use, including, but not limited to, the content and/or design of the website as well as the images and/or photographs and/ or the instructions and/or the texts and/or the graphics and/or the video and audio clips (hereinafter: “the information”) and/or other concerning and/or related to the site and hence the user is prohibited from performing any activity whatsoever, including, but not limited to, copying and/or modify and/or distribute and/or reproduce and/or transmit and/or give permission and/or otherwise regarding all the protected information detailed, among others, above without obtaining written permission from The Space and including this the user is prohibited from infringing the intellectual property on this site.

“The Space” works tirelessly to present accurate information on the website and undertakes to act to correct any errors and/or inaccuracies that have been discovered. However, it is not responsible for errors and/or inaccuracies in relation to the information displayed on the website and for which “The Space” acted, with all the means at its disposal, to prevent such errors and/or inaccuracies.

The use of the website is the sole responsibility of the user. “The Space” will not bear any responsibility for any malfunction and/or error and/or inaccuracy on the website. It will not be responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, for this matter or for any damage that may be caused to the user’s personal computer as a result of browsing and/or the use of the website.

The exclusive jurisdiction regarding the activity of the user on this website, as well as regarding the validity and interpretation of the conditions set forth below in the regulations and/or in the policy annex, will be subject to Israeli law, and any dispute concerning and/or related to this matter will be submitted to the courts.
“The Space” is not responsible for the presence and/or content of ads and/or “banners” and/or advertising materials on the website and/or links and the responsibility for them lies solely with their advertisers.

The policy conditions detailed below in the appendix to the regulations of this site constitute an inseparable part of us; hence, the user’s consent to the conditions described in the rules is consent to the policy conditions stated above in the policy appendix.

Note: The works are not intended for direct exposure to the sun and should not be placed in an open outdoor location.

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