The Art Gallery is a platform that represents  a variety  of promising  Israeli artists 

with a young, kicking, and innovative statement. 

The gallery aims  to expose  Israeli art  and make it accessible  to the general public and young and old collectors 

through  an experiential encounter  between the artist and the buyer.

In addition, our activities include  rotating exhibitions,  curatorial services  for clients and artist lectures  for the  general public.

The Space Art Gallery – Home of Israeli Artists is a unique gallery and platform that presents over 100 talented Israeli artists from a variety of disciplines, including graduates of the AA Academic Institutions. We expose the art to companies, organizations, institutions, collectors, and those with an affinity for art.

The gallery aims to create an experiential encounter between the artist and the buyer through diverse cultural activities – rotating exhibitions, concept evenings, placing art in the public and private space, curatorial services, lectures to the general public, artist wall, residency, etc., combined with fundraising events and contribution to the community. The gallery also offers curatorial services and art integration in local and international companies and businesses, offices, hotels, and other commercial spaces. The platform is a center of attraction for the art world – “Art-Hub”, creating a unique connection between artists from different generations, collectors, curators, and the general public. The Space Art Gallery was founded by Vered Gadash – an entrepreneur and designer architect with a rich background in the art world and extensive experience in curating and placing art in large spaces. Its vision is to spread the word on Israeli art in Israel and around the world while making a significant contribution to the community through art and culture.

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