Ezra Herman

Ezra Herman, born in 1992 in the Black Forest area in Germany. Moved to Israel at the age of 10 when he and his family converted to orthodox Judaism.

At the Yeshiva (religious school), Herman life was educated under the shades of black and white – good and bad, right and wrong. Once exposed to the world of art and creativity, his life-pallet opened up to an abundant variety of shades and colours, and with it the passion for paint and art.

It was the inspiration from Gerhard Richter and Agnes Martin who influenced his early work, while the material knowledge and techniques and tools he used – Herman received from his father, a paint technician who worked at the painting facilities of several German car companies.

Over time, driven by curiosity an innovative spirit, Herman developed his own techniques and usage of materials, which have been given a freshiy layered artistic interpretation by the artist.

His work focuses on elements from psychology and philosophy, executed by the combination of chaos and order, that achieves an aesthetically pleasing result, aspiring to open the mind of the beholder in a positive direction.

  • Within the black


    Ezra Herman 1,440.00
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  • Scenes


    Ezra Herman 12,000.00
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  • EH9


    Ezra Herman 6,300.00
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  • EH4

    130/150 cm

    Ezra Herman 7,700.00
  • EH3

    20X20 cm

    Ezra Herman 720.00
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  • Star of David

    30X30 cm

    Ezra Herman 1,684.00
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  • Ezra Herman – Golden Experiences

    100X110 cm

    Ezra Herman 12,000.00
  • Shit Happens

    100X110 cm

    Ezra Herman 5,700.00

    80X110 cm

    Ezra Herman 8,300.00


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