Avital oshorovitch

Nature has always fascinated me, the need to draw it is stronger than me. To look into the thicket, the flower, the earth and bring my translation. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a conversation with creation that directs me to colors, lines, spots. It is enlightening, and I have a need to convey this to the observer, to intrigue and to make them see what surrounds us in a new way.
I paint with oil paints, the choice is conscious – with them my work technique comes out in the best way, the layers are created slowly as in nature. This is how I connect to the work a layer of soil, rocks, plants and lines that, like a thread at the end of the piece, binds it together and makes it strong and intriguing.
Before painting, I take pictures, during a trip, when there is an inner need and especially when the seasons change and the land changes with them. Most of the time I will paint the season I am in, and the choice comes from the photography, sometimes I will take only the feeling or the color from the photography, and sometimes the photography will turn into a painting.
I was born in 1979, I grew up in Moshav Amikam, and now I live in Moshav Aviel. I studied animation and digital media at Bezalel and then worked as a product designer and illustrator. Today, after many years, I returned to the starting point and the basis of everything – drawing.

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