Oz Nami

Nami combines pixel-art work in his works.

Oz initially studied electrical engineering specializing in image processing.
The studies allowed him to understand the history of digital images and the way they are displayed.
Oz chose to combine his artistic skills with his education and to publish a series of pixelated images in the style that makes him so unique.
Each image consists of hundreds to thousands of pixels and hundreds of colors that together creates a work with a perfect finishing level.
The work process begins with the selection of the trees, then it continues with precise and sharp cutting, sanding, painting and gluing.
His photos bring the finest historical art in the history of art (Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh) with an understanding that our lives are becoming more complicated, and everything starts to be through screens. The photos combine between then and now, in the most accurate way you can imagine.

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