Eli Bar-Adon

A multi-disciplinary artist, creating both sculptures and paintings. Most of his work consists of oil paint on dismantled wooden panels, coated with polyurethane varnish. Born in Jerusalen in 1956, he is part of an age-old family in the city. After his birth the family moved to Rehovot, where he made his first steps in the art world. His grandfather, Abraham Asher Bar-Adon, was a prominent Israeli artist himself. He headed the copper department at the Betzalel Art School, where he was also one of the first carpet weavers in the carpet department, where Eli’s grandmother worked beside him.

Eli’s works, both plastic art and paintings, have been displayed in joint exhibitions in Giva’tayim Theater, Tel Aviv Opera House, and Ein Hod Art Gallery. He has had solo exhibitions in Beit Ha’Omanim in Tel Aviv, and a number of private galleries. Over the years one can observe many themed paintings in Eli’s work which tell his family story. They are full of personal anecdotes that refer to an array of stories of Jerusalem and of Eastern European Jewish communities. All this is adorned by “Artistic Quotations” of his grandfather’s work, who used a lot of local Israeli imagery.

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