Shmuel Golan

Shmuel Golan was born in France.
He began his career as a graphic artist.
His painting is based on the “clear” technique: The “clear line” is a style that originated in medieval stained glass that was adopted and formulated into a real doctrine by the “Belgian Escola” of European comic artists such as Herge, Jacobs and Bob de Moor.
He devotes the centrality of the graphic line. The thin black line is everything, it is the drawing, the perspective, the volume, and emphasizes the intense color of his paintings. Golan often combines materials such as sand or college in his paintings to illustrate the desired effect. Golan’s works convey an impression of serenity, lightness and simple sensuality that create a deep sense of solidarity.

  • Coffee Facing the Horizon

    100*90 cm

    Shmuel Golan 8,200.00
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  • Moon

    diameter 100 cm

    Shmuel Golan 8,900.00
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  • Coffee on the balcony

    60/70 cm

    Shmuel Golan 4,200.00
  • A conversation on the beach

    60/70 cm

    Shmuel Golan 4,200.00
  • Bulletin Board

    100/90 cm

    Shmuel Golan 7,800.00
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  • Sunset at the beach

    120X100 cm

    Shmuel Golan 6,000.00
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  • Espresso bar

    100X90 cm

    Shmuel Golan 6,700.00
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