Miri Baruch

Her style is divided into two, an abstract style and a modern figurative style.

Miri’s work with abstract is intuitive, the beginning is chaotic and fragmentary and while working, the direction of the painting is revealed. Later the work becomes more directed and focused towards the final result created in her mind.

Miri uses acrylic paints and sometimes oil. To create the different shapes, she combines brushes, a spatula and a sponge. Miri is very curious and likes to explore new things all the time.

While working on a figurative painting, Miri starts with a realistic drawing, usually inspired by a photograph of an intriguing character. In the painting process, she introduces abstract or unexpected elements.

Miri Baruch participated in two solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in Israel. She also exhibited abroad at an exhibition in New York, and at a digital exhibition in Italy (corona period). A number of Miri’s works were published in the book: “Leaders in contemporary Art, curatorial vol 13”.

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