Michal Fuhrer

Michal Fuhrer, born in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli artist, working in the field of art since 1984. Michal studied at Tel Aviv University, where she studied philosophy, cinema and television.

Michal studied sculpture, sketching and art at the Academy of Art Beit Berl and at the “Basis” Academy, for six years. Today, Michal continues her creations from her own studio.

Michal Fuhrer is challenging emotions through her works. She chooses her themes while processing from her own experience a quest for truth and authenticity. She combines materials and texture, changing proportions, attentive to contradictions, inviting the other to contemplate.

Michal Fuhrer’s work develops from her desire for intimacy and closeness, a longing for a relationship which enables a secure and protected place, satisfaction and enjoyment – which allows us to be who we are and to be accepted for who we are. Her sculptures draw the viewer into an intimacy of humor mixed with pain, the unreachable, as well as the two Parts of a whole, represented by the missing piece.

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