Margarita Naot

“My paintings are full of expressive colors that express the intense feelings of childhood memories. When I prepare the palette of the main colors, I look in all directions and immediately find the subject of the painting. This is how the composition intuitively works in my head. I see it as my main goal to express a sense of space and atmosphere in my paintings.
The people at the beach often cooperate with me and are willing to stand in front of me while making the painting.
In addition, in recent years I have been working on other projects in the studio of Amit Kabasa based on images of my grandchildren. Here the compositions are more imaginative when the almost abstract colors came out of my deepest feelings. There is a symbiosis of feelings with the memory of a seaside fragrance.
The background in my paintings is a classical painting from studying at the Art Academy in Madrid, Spain. After making Aliya to Israel, I studied modern art at Bezalel in Jerusalem.”

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