She is a multidisciplinary artist who combines weaving traditions with digital art
With roots in sewing, her works translate material worlds into the digital world and vice versa.
Sabinir uses old tapestries and turns them into ready-made works that create a deep dialogue between the past, the present and the future.
The combination of traditions and techniques from different and varied worlds between jewelry, fashion and textiles, produce a world where the emphasis is on color and details, a world where pixels were created from material.

  • R.S.7


    Rebecca Sevinir 12,000.00
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  • R.S.6


    Rebecca Sevinir 10,800.00
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  • R.S.5


    Rebecca Sevinir 18,000.00
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  • R.S.4

    diameter 60

    Rebecca Sevinir 13,000.00
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  • R.S.3


    Rebecca Sevinir 24,000.00
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  • R.S.2

    diameter 1.20 m

    Rebecca Sevinir 28,000.00
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  • R.S.1


    Rebecca Sevinir 19,000.00
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