Laya Navaro

Laya Navarro, Israeli artist, graduated Beit Berel art seminary 2015, B.Ed.F.A, lives and works in Tel Aviv, participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

“The act of painting for me, is a one-time event powered by an ambition to explore the movement, the changes and the sounds of what seems like the reality of the canvas.

In the process of the work, the relationships between the elements change, removes a shape and put on another. Simple everyday objects and ideas, converge into a space where they disintegrate and merge again in search of their false identity. I am interested in creating a tension between figuration and abstraction and between opacity and transparency. The two-dimensional medium allows me a space where I can create a new reality that functions as an imagined and fictitious world.

In between, there is an internal discourse on topics such as: intimacy, family, loneliness, longing, hope, fear, death, violence, brokenness and loss, in which it is possible to strive for the same concepts and represent the objects among themselves. The normativity of the objects changes, in a constant search for the balance point that will help reconcile the gaps between them.

The names of the images that appear contain the name of the work, size, technique and price.

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