Ascaf Avraham

A photographer and artist, born in 1976, Israel. Studied industrial design at Ort

college, where he discovered his love for photography, graduated from Photogram, Netherlands, and HaMichlala LeTzilum Israel.

Moved to Mexico with his family at the age of three, then came back to Israel at the age of 21. The divided life between Israel and Mexico filled his life with journeys in the world which exposed him to different cultural experiences. During the last dacade Ascaf focuses in dance photography, and worked with many of the leading choreographers in Israel: Mariah Kong, Sharon Eyal, Dana Rottenberg, Roy Asaf, Vertigo, Niv & Oren, Clipa Theater, Pina Baucsh Germany and more.

Ascaf is the home photographer for Bat Sheva Dance Company and Ohad Naharin since 2016.

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