Zak Shiff

Creating art for me starts when I locate thought and action. One of the intriguing moments is tearing something down, reconstructing it, and transforming it into something else to keep. changing and expressing the endless figuration transformation. It is like a puzzle that does not have to be solved. It could come out with a sense of humor and a new aesthetic.
The work celebrates awkwardness and inchoate unexpected accidents, moving as organic shapes on the one hand and majesty or shiny fakeness on the other hand.
A tension between hyper-awareness and intuitive gestures is an essential part of the process I am continually developing.
I am attracted to an imperfection in things, which leads me to destroy a surface to the emergence of an imperfect figure, icon, or anything that generates a dynamic construction that keeps floating between materials. Drawing is an essential tool for organizing my thoughts.
I use an automatic drawing technique that allows parts of the subconscious to reveal themselves on and underneath any surface.
To play and to improvise are natural moves in the way I perceive studio practice. When I am taking an object or any other matter, I question my identity concerning it.

  • Zak Shiff – Sitting on a Water,2019

    107X74.5 cm

    Human spotlight
  • Clowns With Suspect, 2016


    Zak Shiff
  • Mickey 2016


    Zak Shiff
  • Playing Cards

    Zak Shiff

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