Shivan Cohen

On a black background, which is the basis for the movement of ancient symbols and archetypes in space, the works take shape in a minimalist work, essences of a mindset.

Like Jacob struggling with the angel until dawn, I paint in the early morning hours, confronting the images that arise. The night, the changing light and heavenly sights penetrate my paintings.

From the dark background comes a light that illuminates the images and symbols. Light winds create ripples and shifts in physical, external situations, driving internal changes until momentum is created within the images, a momentum of struggle. Out of an aspiration to the spiritual, to the detach from the material, I try to create a world which I lead to a primeval and ancient place. By confronting the materiality of the painting, my works are a direct expression of my attraction to the aesthetics of the Far East and philosophical teachings of the religions, an expression of a sublime fantasy that I long for, a wonder in the presence of the reality in front of me.

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