Roie Kanner

Roie Kanner. 1998. Acrylic painter. Painting for Roie is a source of strength, which allows him to look inward and process his day-to-day experiences.

After the loss of his sister at a young age, Roie found solace in painting and through his art he began to to express different memories.

Parts of broken faces found their way to the blank canvas surrounded with bright colors and shapes.

Lost parts of familiar faces that have been lost over the years, like a puzzle, created a brave, bold and above all alive whole. Memories of family, memories of being together and the feeling of loss came to life in different colors.

Through therapy, painting became a source of expression and a statement accompanied by a clear, colorful, cheeky and urban artistic line. Roie documents a male point of view what many women find difficult to express in words: the difficulties in the contemporary beauty model, the courage to express an opinion, depression, feminism, loneliness, longing for independence. Roie’s paintings express a harmonious balance between the cubist style of the Spanish painter Picasso, and the precise and uncompromising Realism style. This combination creates an interesting mix of new and old, visible and hidden, the imitation of reality alongside the creation of a new world of imagination

  • the girl with the pearl


    Roie Kanner
  • the joker


    Roie Kanner
  • exciting news


    Roie Kanner
  • picasso


    Roie Kanner

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