Orly Montag

The characters I sculpt are many times characterized by gender blurring symbols, or by missing/exaggerated details.

The movement between anatomy aspirated sculpture to deliberate physiologically distorted sculpture.

The use of blurriness and distortion allow me the freedom and mental openness to leave a dimension of uncertainty and choice, for me as a creator and perhaps also for an outsid observers.

My creative process usually begins with sculpting a handmade figure. When caracturiesing a path it, I eather duplicate the character in casting molds or in other cases leave it single. The process ends with me giving the character or group of replicated characters their unique definition through various manipulations and combination of materials. I like examining the encounter between materials whose connection isn’t necessarily natural or even to introduce materials from different worlds – for example tar and porcelain, hamra soil and plastic, ceramic material and hair and more… Montag Lives and works in Petah Tikva. She is a graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Design department of the Bezalel design academy. her work has been exhibited in museums and exhibitions, and can be seen in different collections in Israel and abroad.

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