Gil Desiano Bitton

Gil Desiano Bitton is a conceptual artist whose work includes a wide range of media: painting, sculpture, and installation. His work deals with the relationship between the ruler and the ruled, the political tensions between the center and the fringe, and the power of art to influence social change.

A recurring motif in some of Desiano Bitton’s work is that of crossed hands, a motif which originally spoke to him from an old family photo album. The image— representative of control and self-restraint-manifests as a sculpture, as a graphic, and as a branding stamp which can be seared into various materials. Desiano Bitton’s paintings engage with the idea of simultaneously seeing and not seeing—revealing a spectrum from completely covered to fully-exposed. Controlled and uncontrolled. The paintings deal with construction, duplication, disappearance, transformation, and distortion of grand halls. The paintings exist in the absence of everything. They are created by variations of concealment, distortion, reduction and shadow resulting in the patterns of the painting. This is how abstract compositions are built. At their core they are an embodiment of discomfort and instability, inviting the viewer to participate/experience the interpretation.

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    The eastern glow

    174x136 cm

    Gil Desiano Bitton 36,000.00
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  • Untitled 2020

    190x200 cm

    Gil Desiano Bitton 39,990.00
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  • Untitled 2020

    Gil Desiano Bitton 33,800.00
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  • untitled 1 2020

    170x200 cm

    Gil Desiano Bitton 36,890.00
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  • Unnamed 2020

    2190x250 cm

    Gil Desiano Bitton 44,590.00
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