Dror Hibsh

Multidisciplinary artist and doctor of bioinformatics (born 1984). “A creative move, for me, ranges from an abstract thought to a concrete action.

In the range unfolding between them- I search and seek experience in communication: honest, yet uncompromising; creating ethical material bridges, or so I hope.” In recent years, Hibsh has been researching emotions and perceptions.

He finds inspiration in relationships, street life and science. For Hibsh challenge is an engine for creation – In the encounter with its limitations and qualities, Hibsh identifies a space between the familiar, the visible, his own perceptions, and what is absent from his consciousness.

Delicate, fluid and constantly changing space within mists of clarity. These days Dror is working with Cyanotype – an ancient object printing technique using a Persian blue pigment. In his work Hibsh corresponds and draws from plastic-art mediums such as painting and sculpture, And more so from photography – his chronological first medium for expression. The use of cyanotype was bornout of the need to step out of the dark-room and the analog photography – into the light.

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